KWEST Multi Academy Trust began on March 1st, 2018 and is a collaboration of like-minded schools who share the same commitment and passion for engagement in life-long learning.

At the core of our growing organisation will always be a desire to provide the very best of education and be at the centre of the communities we serve.

Our role is to facilitate our schools’ response to the needs of the children and families within the diversity of the communities which we serve.

Every individual child and young person, every adult and every school in KWEST MAT will be supported to achieve in every aspect of their development.

We recognise and support the children, young people, adults and schools within the KWEST MAT Community and are proud to be associated with the wider communities in which we live and learn.

We collectively practice Inclusion at the heart of our community and celebrate difference. We believe that outstanding Multi Academy Trusts are inclusive.

In our day to day lives, we aspire to become as independent as possible irrespective of our levels of individual need. We aspire to achieve and recognise that excellence is achieved in everything we do by remembering that we are all lifelong learners.

KWEST believes that the West of Norfolk has much to offer as a place to live, work and learn. We understand the importance of education in the heart of the community and wish to celebrate this region and what it offers. To this end, we believe that future economic development through internal and external investment in the region is likely to be dependent on the quality of education on offer in our schools. Although this is not the only consideration we recognise that it is an important one.

We also recognise that some see Norfolk as rural and therefore isolated, indeed there is clear evidence of comparatively low social mobility in parts of the county. Education has a key role to play in opening the minds of all learners to opportunities and it is our intention to focus outwards and ensure that we develop world-class resources for our communities.

Ambitions can be fulfilled close to home or in any part of the world but it is necessary to equip our children and young people with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to pursue their dreams and ambitions here or elsewhere on this planet.

We have a commitment to early intervention and it is embedded in our development plans to extend the provision in our schools wherever possible to provide places for pre-school age children as well as to identify barriers to learning at any stage in a child or young person’s life.

These aims require long-term planning and sustained actions underpinned by clear improvement and development planning.

We are open to new ideas and techniques in all areas of learning and development.

ESTEAM-2-ASPIRE, a separate Community Interest Company has been formed to embrace developing technology to enhance learning within the community especially for the hard to reach and those not currently attending schools.

Retention and recruitment of the highest quality staff is essential to successfully achieve our aims and we intend to support the development of a Teaching School Alliance to be based in the West of the Region. This will promote the long-term professional development of all of our education team and to provide support and opportunities for people wishing to become qualified teachers, future school leaders and better-qualified support staff.

Research informs us that the most successful organisations are those with the capacity to continue to learn and we intend to do this through collaboration with local and regional partners in local authorities, local schools, academies, federations and Multi Academy Trusts.

Our success will be measured by the impact we and our collaborators have on the learning landscape of the region now and more pertinently in the future for our children’s children.